Vermont Gage’s complete listing of gage accessories

Box Insert Handles Acc

Pin Gage inserts & Set Boxes

  • Gage set poly cases and multi drawer metal cabinets
  • Individual pin gage inserts that fit cases and cabinets
  • For replacements or build your own custom sets

Plug Gage Handles listed by diameter ranges

  • All Reversible style handles & correct collets
  • Bushings needed for Reversible style handles
  • Universal handle that holds pins from .031-.500”
  • All Taperlock style handles
  • All Trilock style handles with bolts
  • Insulation grips & tie rods for all Master Discs

Ring Gage Holders listed by diameter ranges

  • For thread rings
  • For plain rings
  • See pages 104 - 107 in the Gage Catalog for more information