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Gage Tolerance Calculator

Use this utility to calculate the suggested Gage Tolerance and Go / No-Go gage dimensions

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Thread Measuring Wires per ASME B89.1.17

The use of thread measuring wires enables an accurate measurement of the simple pitch diameter of an external thread.

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Black Guard Gages Sets & Pin / Plug Gages

Black Guard Gages prevent rust while providing a visual wear indicator.

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Gage Tolerance Selection

How do you decide which cylindrical gage tolerance to use to inspect your product?

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Thread Pitch Conversion

Approximate conversions for Unified Inch, Threads per Inch to Metric Pitch


60° Thread Pre-Plate PD Calculator

Simply state the After Plating Pitch Diameter and your Min and Max plating thickness per surface. This tool will calculate the suggested before plating pitch diameter.


Vermont Gage Calculator Help

Occasionally customers will receive a COMDLG32.OCX error. See the suggested correction.

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Depth Measurement - Quality Magazine

Is the hole too deep, not deep enough or just right?
As seen in Quality Magazine, January 2016