Vermont Gage manufactures a full line of Thread and Gear Measuring Wires

Thread Measuring Wires

Vermont Gage manufactures a full line of Thread Measuring Wires. Thread Measuring Wires are used to measure the simple pitch diameter of externally threaded parts or to calibrate thread plug gages.

  • Standard Inch, Metric, & Acme sizes by pitch or T.P.I. are available from stock
  • Wires for Buttress and other thread forms and custom sizes are available
  • Wires are provided in Individual pitch 3 wire sets or multiple size sets in cases

Gear Measuring Wires

Gear Measuring Wires are a quick & economical method to measure the Tooth Thickness of Gears at the Pitch Diameter. Gear Measuring Wires are supplied in 2 wire sets. Special 3 wire sets & sizes may be quoted upon request.

  • Wires up to .825” diameters are matched sets w/in .000010”.
  • Diameter tolerance : +/- .000010”
  • Roundness w/in .000010”
  • Surface finish : 2rms or better
  • Over all length : 2”
  • Material – Oil hardened tool steel or high speed steel
  • Meets or exceeds Former Federal Specification GGG-W-366b.
  • See pages 84 - 87 in the Gage Catalog for more information