Diamond & Blade Style Cylindrical No-Go Gage 

  • Used to inspect holes for out of round condition.
  • Applied to the No-Go gage pin (max hole diameter).
  • An out of round hole may pass a round gage pin. (The full diameter No-Go will not enter.)
  • By reducing the diameter to contacting only 1/3 of the hole diameter, the inspector can rotate the gage to locate oversize areas of a hole at min material condition. 

Blade Gage

Air Flats, "D" & "DD" style Cylindrical Gages

Air Flats
  • Used to inspect blind holes.
  • Allows the inspection of the diameter to the bottom of a blind hole.
  • The flats allow for trapped air, coolants and oils to escape.
"D" & "DD" Gages
  • May be used to inspect the diameter or flat of parts with a flatted hole ID, independently.
  • One Go / No-Go plug gage inspects the hole diameter and clears the flat dimension
  • The second Go / No-Go plug gage inspects the flat dimension and clears the diameter. D DD Pins Kraken