Pipe Thread Ring Gages

Pipe Thread gages are used to inspect Tapered or Straight Pipe Threads. They are perfect for the inspection of external fittings. Vermont Gage stocks gages to inspect the following pipe threads, NPT, NPSM, NPTF (Dryseal), and NPSF. 

  • NPT includes L-1 Tapered Ring gages from 1/16-27 thru 6”-8
  • NPTF (Dryseal) Tapered L-1, L-2, & 6 step Ring gages from 1/16-27 thru 3”-8
  • NPSM Straight Ring gages.
  • Other pipe thread Rings available on request
  • Certificate of Accuracy included.
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Certificates & Non-Accredited Certs may be purchased.
  • See pages 90 - 91 in the Gage Catalog for more information