Thread Hole Location GagesHole Loc SM LG

Flexible Hole Location Gages are used to inspect the centerline distance between two or more threaded holes. They may also be used to measure the perpendicularity from the face of the threaded part to the centerline pitch diameter of the threaded hole. The parallelism between other features and the centerline pitch diameter of the threaded hole may be measured as well. The key feature is the gages are designed to engage the threads on the flanks, not the face of the part. This ensures the accuracy of the measurement independent of other features of the hole or part.

  • Available in INCH & METRIC sizes
  • Used to inspect the centerline of two or more holes to each other
  • Used to inspect the perpendicularity of a threaded hole to the part’s face
  • Run Out to PD w/in .0001"
  • See page 35 in the Gage Catalog for more information